Here are some of my basic do’s, don’ts and never’s of dating……


  • Do focus on liking yourself so that you can have high self-esteem as high self esteem leads to good dating choices.
  • Focus on creating a life that you enjoy but also one where there is time for a man
  • Check what you believe under each dating decision; so you can see the real cause of any behaviours that have hurt you
  • Take your time to get to know a man. Remind yourself that he is a stranger for quite a while
  • Use your instincts and brain as well as your feelings
  • Be warm, flirtatious, friendly and approachable around men that you are interested in
  • Make it clear that you like a man. Men fear rejection, so make it easy for him to ask you out
  • Let go of a man who doesn’t make an effort with you consistently or doesn’t treat you well
  • Do focus on a man’s consistent actions rather than his words, except when he tells you that he doesn’t want a relationship. Then believe him
  • Do tell yourself that you are in control of your dating choices. You are the one that decides what you believe and what you do. You choose who gets a chance




  • Don’t pursue a man. Let him know that you are interested but don’t pursue him
  • Don’t believe that a man opinion or behaviour is a reflection of your worth
  • Don’t base your happiness on a man’s behaviour. No man is that special
  • Don’t put any man on a pedestal. You are as good as any man
  • Don’t trust your feelings alone
  • Don’t sleep with him until you have a solid emotional connection and an exclusive relationship
  • Don’t make excuses for a man who doesn’t make an effort with you consistently. These excuses are only hurting you in the end
  • Don’t define a successful relationship as one that lasts. Define a successful relationship as one that is happy



  • Never give a man a third chance if he has treated you badly twice (even once is enough in most cases). It’s a pattern and you will be rewarding it if you give him another chance
  • Never tell yourself that no one will want you. This simply isn’t true
  • Never tell yourself that there is something wrong with you if a man doesn’t want to date you. You just aren’t a match. You are perfect for someone else
  • Never try to convince a man to give you a chance
  • Never stay with someone who isn’t for you because you fear being single. There are many benefits to being single


If you would like some help with changing your beliefs so that you can become a successful dater, then book a brain pick session with me. Contact me at

I hope this blog has helped in some way

Until next time

Emma xxx


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