In a previous blog I listed the “15 female daters who are the least likely to find long lasting love”. Click here if you missed it.


Now let let me introduce you to……..

Miss Successful Dater


She is a woman who attracts plenty of men and therefore has many to choose from. She ends up having very successful and healthy long term, relationships with good men.


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But how does she do it?


She does it because:

  • She understands men. She behaves in ways that men are attracted to
  • She knows her worth and that she has many male options, so she doesn’t need to settle
  • She only dates men that are good options for her long term
  • She easily lets go of the wrong men.

She behaves in these ways all because of her beliefs in her subconscious mind. This is because beliefs significantly influence behaviour.


Here are some of the beliefs of Miss Successful Dater:


“There are many good men out there. I only want a good man. I won’t accept anything less”

“I want a masculine man. There is a difference between a masculine man and a bad man. I know the difference”

“I would make a good partner for someone. I am a catch”

“It is better to be single than with the wrong man. There are many benefits to being single”

“Being single doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with me. I don’t need a man in my life for me to feel worthwhile. My worth is not based on my relationship status. I am a woman of worth on my own”

“Everyone has flaws but I’m going to focus on what’s good about me so my inner critic can’t damage my self-esteem”

“I am in control of my dating choices. I decide each day what I am going to do or not do to get the type of man that I want”

“I recognise that my dating blueprint affects my choices, so I constantly work on monitoring it and changing it so that I can make good decisions for myself”

“Men love approachable, warm, friendly, confident, happy women and I focus on making sure that I am all of these, not just for a man, but because if I focus on being this type of woman, I will become happier generally”

“Being approachable is really important. That means that I need to smile and make conversation with men, so that they know that I am interested”

“Men love a woman who flirts with him. It makes them feel alive. I always flirt with single men that I am interested in”

“I always keep my options open in the early days of dating. I will consider other male options, until I have an exclusive relationship with a man. I’m not going to put all my eggs in one basket, because this will lead to more disappointment, if it ends”

“I’m only looking for one man, I’m not going to try and get every man to like me. That is a waste of time and energy and will damage my self-esteem”

“I’m only going to focus my time and attention on good men. I’m not going to pollute my subconscious mind with stories of disappointing or bad men. Once they are gone, they are gone from my mind”

“If a man doesn’t make an effort with me then he has weeded himself out of my consideration. I will only consider men that make a consistent effort with me”

“I don’t focus on a man’s potential as I don’t know if he actually has that potential as potential can only be imagined. I am going to judge him on what I actually see consistently”

“I will not put my life on hold waiting for a man to make a decision about me. I am in control of whether I hang around and wait or take control of my life. I choose to take control of my life”

“I will never accept someone treating me badly. This means that I will not call, accept a call or accept a date from someone who behaves like this”

“I’m not going to stop dating until I find love with the right man for me”

“I don’t see the ending of a relationship as a loss. I see it as freedom from being with the wrong person. I view it positively”


If you would like help with changing your beliefs so that you can become a more successfully dater, then book a brain pick session with me. Contact me at

I hope this blog has helped.

Until next time

Emma xxx

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