Below is a list of the 15 main types of women who have difficulty finding and maintaining quality relationships with good men. The reason why these types of daters are less likely to find long term love is usually due to one of three reasons: 1) Their behaviour turns good men off, 2) They subconsciously want to avoid relationships (mainly due to being hurt) and/or 3) They invest their time and emotion, in the wrong men.

Let’s have a look at the list…….

1) Miss Settle and Moulder (dates the wrong man & focuses on changing him)

2) Miss Florence Nightingale (finds men to look after)

3) Miss Aggressive & Miss Alley Cat (one is aggressive and one is defensive)

4) Miss Ice Queen

5) Miss Clingy

6) Miss Sexpot (leads with her sexual side)

7) Miss Princess (acts entitled)

8) Miss People Pleaser

9) Miss Fantasy Head (imagines relationships in her head)

10) Miss Past (obsessed with her exes)

11) Miss Yes (says yes to anyone and anything)

12) Miss Busy

13) Miss Picky

14) Miss Independent

15) Miss Pursuer (chases men)


Do you recognise yourself in the list above? Don’t worry if you do. Your behaviour is controlled by the beliefs in your subconscious minds, which you didn’t create. It naturally evolved from your early experiences. The good news is that you can change the beliefs in your subconscious mind, which will change what you do and will lead you to become a totally different dater.

If you recognise yourself in this list and want to make changes, then contact me at

Until next time

Emma x

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