Relationship Products

The Relationship Toolkit


The Relationship Toolkit is a 95 page, quick to read pdf download, which contains many snippets of relationship information, thought provoking questions and activities designed to help you to strengthen your relationship with your partner, so that you can become closer to them

The 40 Day Relationship Challenge


The Relationship Challenge consists of a 40 day plan to help you and your partner strengthen your relationship. This challenge is designed for a couple to work together each day. The four sections of the challenge are 1) The start, 2) Appreciating each other 3) How to improve your relationship and 4) Activities to do together

Toolkit Benefits

Benefit #1

It contains plenty of information on relationships, thought provoking questions and useful activities to help you to strengthen your relationship with your partner.

Benefit #2

It is quick and very easy to read! Most people will be able to read the whole toolkit within just 30 minutes

Benefit #3

You can download it from your phone, so you can access the information any time. You have a life coach in your pocket!

Benefit #4

It is brightly coloured, so will cheer you up in any day and all for the price of a couple of bottles of wine!

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