Brain Pick Sessions

What are brain pick sessions?

These are sessions where clients can pick my brains about ANY dating, relationship or breakup problem that they have. I help them understand the real cause of the problem, so that it can be resolved. 

During sessions we also work together to find realistic and effective solutions to the problem. 

How much do they cost?


£49 per one hour session

Benefits of Brain Pick Sessions

Benefit #1

You get to access to all of my dating, relationship and breakup psychological knowledge

Benefit #2

You get a second opinion on your situation. This could help you to feel less stressed and possibly more sane!

Benefit #3

You can relax as you will know that you are supported by someone else. You will have your very own cheerleader!

Benefit #4

You will receive a number of strategies that you can use to change your situation and become happier

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