The Breakup Recovery Coaching Programme

* 6 x 1 hour sessions

During the sessions I use EFT (emotional freedom technique) & positive psychology to help clients to overcome any breakup problem, reduce the pain of the break-up, rebuild their confidence and create a happier life.

Cost of The Programme


Benefits of The Breakup Recovery Programme

Benefit #1

I will help you to change the way you view the situation, so that you can feel less pain as soon as possible.

Benefit #2

I will teach you how to do EFT (Tapping), so that you can use it to feel calmer, whenever you feel upset.

Benefit #3

You can get a second opinion on your situation. This could help you to feel less stressed and possibly more sane!

Benefit #4

You will receive a number of effective strategies that you can use to rebuild your confidence and your life.

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