The Dating & Relationship Toolkits 

The Dating Toolkit

The Toolkit Chapters:

1) The start of your dating journey
2) Your dating blueprint
3) Identify your ideal man
4) How to be a successful dater
5) Understanding men
6) Painful mistakes women make when dating
7) Sex & dating
8) How to overcome rejection
9) Things to remember when dating
10) How to avoid getting hurt when dating


The Relationship Toolkit

The Toolkit Chapters:

1) The start 
2) How your beliefs affect the relationship 
3) Understanding you and your relationship needs
4) Understanding men
5) Understanding your partner & his relationship needs
6) How to improve your relationship 
7) How to improve communication 
8) How to deal with conflict 
9) How to deal with negative emotions in a relationship 
10) How to become a better partner
11) Activities to help you bond you as a couple 
12) Action steps

Benefits of The Toolkits 

Benefit #1

Plenty of snippets of advice in each toolkit. It also includes a number of carefully chosen, thought provoking questions and useful activities. 

Benefit #2

They are quick and very easy to read! Most people will be able to read the whole toolkit within just 30 minutes!

Benefit #3

You can download them and carry them on your phone, so that you can access the information at any time. You have a life coach in your pocket!

Benefit #4

They are brightly coloured, so will cheer you up on any day!

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