EFT for Self Esteem Sessions 

Low self esteem is undoubtedly the biggest cause of dating pain and problems.

Dating is so much easier and more enjoyable if you genuinely like yourself 

Unfortunately many of us don’t feel good enough. We have a negative inner critic constantly telling us (incorrectly) that something is wrong with us. It’s exhausting!

Are you someone who has low self esteem? Are you tired of not feeling good enough? Do you want to stop that inner critic for good? Do you finally want to feel good about yourself? 

I specialise in changing people’s psychology and it can be done pretty easily and quickly.

I can help you to learn to love yourself and genuinely know your worth, simply by changing your psychology.

All you have to do is book a session with me and we can start to change your life!


Cost of Sessions


Option 1

£75 per hour


Option 2

“The Self Esteem Bundle”

£197 for 3 x 1 hours


Session Benefits

Benefit #1

You will learn exactly what you need to do  to learn to love yourself 

Benefit #2

You will feel better about yourself every single day!

Benefit #3

Men will find you more attractive as you are far more confident 

Benefit #4

You will have access to your very own cheerleader i.e. me, who will support you every step of your self love journey.

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