Dating & Love EFT Sessions

* One to one EFT sessions *


The real cause of dating and love problems is the beliefs that someone has in their subconscious minds. During one to one sessions I use dating psychology, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) & Matrix Reimprinting to successfully eliminate all of the negative subconscious dating and love beliefs that holds a client back from finding the relationship that they want. I get to the real root cause of the problem, which leads to permanent, positive changes.


During sessions I help clients to eliminate any worries that they have about dating, remove any subconscious blocks or self sabotaging behaviour that stops them from finding love, break any unsuccessful dating patterns that they may have, help them to genuinely believe that they are an absolute catch and help them to get over all of their exes.


** EFT can also help clients to lose weight, if this is something that they also want to work on



 Cost of Sessions


£75 per hour




 “The EFT Love Bundle”

£197 for 3 x 1 hours


Benefits of EFT Sessions

Benefit #1

Helps you to know how to think the right way when dating, so that you can date happily, confidently, wisely and successfully.

Benefit #2

Will enable you to know how men think so that you can avoid losing a good man and also identify and avoid the time wasters and heartbreakers

Benefit #3

You will build your self esteem, so that you know that you are a high value woman so that you will make good dating choices

Benefit #4

You will have access to your very own dating cheerleader i.e. me, who will support you through the dating process, step by step

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