What I Do

I help nervous or out of practice female daters to adopt a successful dating mindset so that they can date confidently, happily, wisely and successfully. 
I give them the dating tools they need, so that they can find and attract the right man for them and avoid wasting their time on the wrong ones.

My Philosophy


I believe that every dater has a dating blueprint in their subconscious and this blueprint determines their dating behaviour. If someone is not getting the dating results that they want i.e. finding and attracting the right person for them, it is often because there are some limiting beliefs in their dating blueprints. To become a successful dater, all they have to do it change a few of their beliefs and they will get totally different dating results. I identify each clients dating pattern and then help them to change their dating blueprints so that they can date confidently, wisely and successfully.

My Goals


My goal is to help nervous daters or inexperienced daters to tweek their dating blueprints, so that they can change how they feel about dating, make good dating choices and find the right man for them. I also want to help them to change their dating psychology so that they avoid dating the time wasters and heartbreakers and therefore dedicate their time and emotion to the right man.

My Methods


I use a variety of tried and tested psychological techniques during coaching sessions. The techniques come from the areas of Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Neuro Lingusitic Programming

The Dating Support Programme

The dating world can be a nerve wracking and disappointing one for some people. During this programme, I use dating psychology to support women when they are dating. I help them to overcome their nerves, avoid (or overcome) the disappointments and help them to make the right dating choices so that they can find love with a good man.

I offer a two month coaching programme (+ other goodies), where I am their very own dating cheerleader!

Dating & Breakup Products

I have created six dating products (pdf downloads);

"The Dating Toolkit",

"The 28 Day Dating Challenge"

"The Breakup Recovery Toolkit"

"The 28 Day Breakup Challenge"

"The Relationship Toolkit"

"The 40 Day Relationship Challenge"

Brain Pick Sessions

Some people don't want to invest in a programme but they do have a few dating, relationship or breakup recovery questions that they would like answered and that's why I decide to offer brain pick sessions!

These are one hour one to one sessions, where people can pick my psychological brains. During these sessions I help people to solve any dating, relationship or breakup problem.

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