What I Do

I use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to help daters, especially those who are nervous or out of practice, to adopt successful dating and love beliefs, so that they can date confidently, happily, wisely and successfully. 
I give them the dating tools and healthy beliefs that they need, so that they can find and attract the right people and avoid wasting their time on the wrong ones.

My Philosophy

Everyone has a subconscious mind. The subconscious mind controls approx 95% of a person’s feelings and behaviour. This is how powerful it is!

Every dater has a dating blueprint in their subconscious and this blueprint determines their dating feelings and behaviour. If someone is not getting the dating results that they want i.e. finding and attracting the right person for them, it is usually because there are some limiting beliefs in their dating blueprints. I help clients identify the beliefs that are getting in their way to finding love and help them to change them quickly, with EFT, so that they can date successfully and find the love that they are looking for.

Aim of Sessions

My goal is to help people to change their beliefs in their dating blueprints, so that they can feel good about themselves, make good dating choices and find the right partner for them.

I also want to help them to break free from any unhealthy dating patterns that they may have, so that they can avoid dating the time wasters and heartbreakers and only enjoy love from the right person.

In sessions I help people with a variety of issues/topics, such as unsuccessful dating patterns, limiting beliefs, male & female psychology, self-esteem, internet dating, rejection, breakups, how to spot toxic people and how to make the right dating decisions.


My Style & Methods 

I am a straight talking coach who wants you to break free from any dating patterns that aren’t working for you, so that you can make adjustments and find the right person for you. 

I adopt a holistic approach, which means that I focus on discovering all of the factors that are influencing your dating results and help you to find ways to deal effectively with every single one of them.

During sessions, I use a variety of tried and tested psychological techniques during coaching sessions. I primarily use EFT (Emotional freedom technique also known as Tapping) and Matrix Reimprinting during sessions, as they are very effective in changing clients limiting beliefs very quickly.

However, I also use techniques from the areas of Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Neuro Lingusitic Programming.

Dating & Love EFT Sessions

 I use dating psychology & EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to help people in their search for love. 

During sessions I help people effectively overcome their nerves, overcome any dating/love disappointments, eliminate all limiting beliefs that hold them back, break unhealthy dating patterns and help them to make the right dating choices so that they can find The One.


Breakup Recovery EFT sessions

A breakup is one of the most painful situations that a person can face in life, especially if the weren't expecting it and they were in love with their partner.

I use EFT, CBT and positive psychology to help people to overcome any breakup problem, reduce the pain of the breakup, feel good about themselves again and rebuild their lives, so that they can move onto a happier future.

Dating & Breakup Products

I have created six dating products (pdf downloads);

"The Dating Toolkit",

"The 28 Day Dating Challenge"

"The Breakup Recovery Toolkit"

"The 28 Day Breakup Challenge"

"The Relationship Toolkit"

"The 40 Day Relationship Challenge"


"The 40 Day Happiness Project"

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