About Me

My name is Emma Staddon and I am a dating psychology coach and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner.

I specialise in using EFT and Matrix Reimprinting to identify and then change beliefs that people have in their subconscious minds that are holding them back from finding love.

My background

I’ve always been interested in psychology and have been a psychology teacher for the past 15 years and a life coach for 13 years.


In recent years I have specialised in dating, relationships and breakups, as I’m fascinated by human dynamics.

I’m also a woman who has experienced dating, relationship and breakup situations myself (and have observed countless others experience them too), so I know how it feels to be disappointed and wanting a situation to be different. Today, I don’t have that problem, as I have learned all of the techniques I need to help me to control my mind and remain happy, irrespective of what others do or don’t do

I look forward to working with you…..Are you ready to start transforming your dating life?

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More Info

Phone: 07870 843875

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