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  • My name is Emma Staddon and I am a psychology teacher, dating psychology coach, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique – aka Tapping) practitioner and a Matrix Reimprinter.


  • I am a straight talking, down to earth dating psychology coach, who helps daters to change their psychology/subconscious beliefs, so that they can date happily, healthily, wisely and successfully. 


  • During sessions I adopt a holistic approach, which means that I focus on discovering ALL of the factors that are influencing a clients dating life, so that I can then help them to find ways to deal effectively with every single one of them.


  • I help clients by using a variety of effective psychological techniques, such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), positive psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy and neuro linguistic programming.


  • I specialise in the areas of dating, self-esteem, relationships, breakups and weight loss. So I can help anyone in the dating world.


  • I’m also a woman who has experienced dating, relationship and breakup situations myself (and have observed countless others experience them too), so I know how it feels to be disappointed and wanting a situation to be different. Today, I don’t have that problem, as I have learned all of the techniques I need to help me to control my mind and remain happy, irrespective of what others do or don’t do.


  • Over the past decade I have also run a variety of personal development and positive psychology courses, which have included sessions on confidence building, stress management, motivation, changing negative beliefs and understanding relationship dynamics


I look forward to working with you…..Are you ready to start transforming your dating life?

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Phone: 07870 843875

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