One of the best ways to recover from a breakup is to “busy up”.

If you are sitting at home moping, then your mind has plenty of time to play tricks on you by torturing you further and focusing only on the good aspects of the relationship and totally ignoring the not so good. Not sure why your own brain would do this to you, but it often does!

The best way to stop this torture is to get out and about, so that your mind is busy focusing on other things. As my mum always says, a busy body = a busy brain. If you are out and about you are also living in the present rather than living in the past, which is what you may be tempted to do, if you are moping at home.



After a breakup you may not feel like going out but once you are out you are highly likely to feel a lot better. Even if you don’t feel like it, just tell yourself that you will go for an hour and if you don’t feel like staying then don’t – at least you have tried

However, it’s important that you do things you enjoy as you want to feel happier, right? Don’t do things just for the sake of getting out of the house, because if you don’t like what you do, it will become a chore and you’ll end up feeling worse. Think about things that you enjoyed doing before the relationship.

You may not have other people to go with but that shouldn’t stop you. Going to events on your own, will increase your confidence


Here are some things you could do to busy yourself up:

1) Volunteering

2) Go on holiday/s (a singles holiday perhaps?)

3) Go to places of interest, museums, cafes, or art galleries

4) Go onto  to see if there are any groups that you are interested in joining

5) Sign up for an evening class

6) Reconnect with friends. Contact as many friends as possible, new and old. Don’t worry about whether they will want to hear from you, if you haven’t made an effort with them for a while. Some people will respond positively to your email/call and some won’t. Don’t worry about those who don’t respond positively. Just focus on reconnecting with those who want to meet up.

7) Find a sport or exercise that you like doing. Even once a week is better than nothing. This is a good idea because exercise makes you feel better both mentally and physically and this will help with the healing process. Plus you have a high chance of meeting attractive men in the sporting arena! It’s not the aim but it’s a nice benefit. It is better to find a group that meets up on a regular basis. Try a table tennis club , a rambler’s group or a badminton club. There are always a range of abilities so even if you are a beginner, you will find your place somewhere

8) Get a second job, if you have the time. Maybe working in a pub, where you can meet new people

9) Invite friends (or even just one friend) around to your house for a themed afternoon/evening. This could be something like a Body Shop party, a crafts afternoon (where you each bring stuff to make for a couple of hours), a video night, a pampering party etc. Remember that this is meant to be a fun session so try to avoid moaning about your ex

10) Join a church group

11) Grab some friends and form a quiz team and turn up every week

12) Have a project i.e. start a new business, create a collage or even complete a paint by number painting

13) Join a dance class

14) Go to the cinema or the theatre (even on your own. When the lights go out, no one will notice that you are on your own)

15) Join a mothers and toddlers group, if you have children


As you can see there are loads of things that you can do. Draw a timetable of your week and see where you can fit in some fun.

Remember busy body = busy brain, so less chance of finding yourself in moping mode

Until Next Time

Take Care

Emma xxx

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