After a breakup everybody starts a breakup journey and this is what happens between the breakup and when the person finally recovers. No two people will have the same breakup journey, as each journey is unique to each individual.

This is because there are so many factors that influence the type and dynamic of the breakup.


Here are a few of the most common factors that affect a person’s breakup journey:

  • How long the relationship lasted
  • Whether the couple were married or not
  • Whether they lived together or not
  • Whether another person was involved
  • Whether the couple have children
  • Whether both people wanted the breakup to happen or just one of them
  • The opinions and behavior of family and friends
  • Whether the couple are on speaking terms or not
  • What unresolved psychological issues each partner has and how these issues affects each partner’s behaviour
  • What are the levels of self-esteem of both parties
  • How unpleasant each person prepared to behave
  • The extent to which each person is able to self-reflect and take responsibility for their own behaviour


I hope this blog has shed some light on why people experience different breakup journeys and to help you to understand why you may have different experiences than other people.

Until next time

Emma xxx


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