How To Cope When Your Ex Has A New Girlfriend

This is probably the second most painful news to hear after a breakup, besides the “this isn‘t working out and I don’t want a relationship with you” conversation. It will probably hurt even more if the breakup was recent. When you hear the news you will feel a range...

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The Signs Of A Commitment Phobe

What is a commitment phobe and what is their issue? A commitmentphobe is an individual who has a fear/phobia of commitment, like a fear of spiders, heights and the dark. A phobia is an irrational fear i.e. it is illogical and other people can’t understand it and...

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The 3 Types Of Men In The Dating World

Dating can be a really fun experience for many people but for some it can really take it's toll on their self esteem. This is because of many reasons but one reason is the type of men that you are going on dates with. To make it easier, it's a good idea to work out as...

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