How To View A Breakup Positively

After a breakup many people torment themselves even further and delay the moving on process by focusing only on the good parts of the relationship. If you only focus on the good parts and ignore the bad, it will make the breakup even more painful because you will...

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The Secret Thoughts of A Ghoster

A Ghoster is someone who ends a relationship suddenly, without explanation, or any further communication.   Before I start, I want to state what I think ghosting is and is not.   For me……if someone is just messaging online and then stops or if two people go...

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How To “Busy Up” After A Breakup

One of the best ways to recover from a breakup is to "busy up". If you are sitting at home moping, then your mind has plenty of time to play tricks on you by torturing you further and focusing only on the good aspects of the relationship and totally ignoring the not...

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