Factors Which Will Affect Your Breakup Journey

After a breakup everybody starts a breakup journey and this is what happens between the breakup and when the person finally recovers. No two people will have the same breakup journey, as each journey is unique to each individual.This is because there are so many...

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Are You A Miss Settle & Mould Dater?

What is a Miss Settle & Moulder? This is a woman who finds a man that she quite likes but there’s something fundamental about him that doesn’t make her happy. This could be his personality, his level of interest, his level of commitment or his treatment of her....

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Can A Commitment Phobe Change?

A phobia is an irrational fear and a phobe is an individual who has an irrational fear. Those who have phobias have learnt from their early experiences that there is pain associated with the object that they fear, so it is a psychological problem Let me illustrate...

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