Can A Commitment Phobe Change?

A phobia is an irrational fear and a phobe is an individual who has an irrational fear. Those who have phobias have learnt from their early experiences that there is pain associated with the object that they fear, so it is a psychological problem Let me illustrate...

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How To View A Breakup Positively

After a breakup many people torment themselves even further and delay the moving on process by focusing only on the good parts of the relationship. If you only focus on the good parts and ignore the bad, it will make the breakup even more painful because you will...

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The Secret Thoughts of A Ghoster

A Ghoster is someone who ends a relationship suddenly, without explanation, or any further communication.   Before I start, I want to state what I think ghosting is and is not.   For me……if someone is just messaging online and then stops or if two people go on a...

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15 Least Successful Daters – Miss Fantasy Head

Miss Fantasy Head is the woman who has relationships in her imagination. There are two types of Miss Fantasy Head:   Miss Fantasy Head Type 1   This type imagines how a particular man could be in the future. This is the women who dates a man’s potential.......that she...

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The Beliefs Of The Most Successful Female Daters

In a previous blog I listed the "15 female daters who are the least likely to find long lasting love". Click here if you missed it.   Now let let me introduce you to........ Miss Successful Dater   She is a woman who attracts plenty of men and therefore has many to...

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