Miss Fantasy Head is the woman who has relationships in her imagination. There are two types of Miss Fantasy Head:


Miss Fantasy Head Type 1


This type imagines how a particular man could be in the future. This is the women who dates a man’s potential…….that she has imagined in her head


What she possibly believes:

  • “One day he will be the best partner ever”
  • “If he could just do X or stop doing Y, he would be perfect”
  • “I just know that in the future he will be X”
  • “The reason he currently behaves like that is……(insert excuse)
  • “He’s the man for me, I can just feel it (after one date)”
  • “He’s a great man” (after one date)


How her behaviour hurts her:

  • She is likely to jump into a relationship too quickly and will become disappointed if the man isn’t who she decided that he was.
  • She is likely to ignore red flags and stay with the wrong man, as she waits for him to become the man that she has imagined/predicted that he could become.




Miss Fantasy Head Type 2


This type fantasises about being with certain men but doesn’t actually date anyone. This type of Miss Fantasy Head has usually been hurt in the past to such an extent that she avoids dating men completely because she wants to avoid being hurt again. However, she imagines being with certain men so that she gets the excitement of a relationship (in her imagination) but remains safe from being disappointed in the real world, as she doesn’t actually date them.

What she possibly believes:

  • “Relationships are painful’
  • “Men hurt you”
  • “One day I’ll be with someone but not today because…….”(insert excuse here)
  • “I can’t cope if a relationship ends”
  • “One day I’ll be with him”


How her behaviour hurts her:

She will be single for a long time, possibly decades. She will miss out on the pleasure of actually being with a partner. One day she may look back on her life and regret that she didn’t get out in the real world and try and find someone (which she definitely would have).


* Please note: Some of the Type 2 Miss Fantasy Heads do have relationships in the real world. However, they don’t have full relationships, as their aim is to avoid getting hurt, so they don’t commit fully in relationships. These types of Miss Fantasy Heads have relationships with men who are unavailable either physically (married/attached) or emotionally (commitment phobes). She does this so that she doesn’t have to commit fully and be vulnerable like she would have to be with an available man.


Do you recognise yourself in this blog? Don’t worry if you do. You can stop being a Miss Fantasy Head once you realise that you are doing it. If you want help with this, so that you an become more successful in the dating world, then book a brain pick session with me or join my Dating Support programme. Email me at emma@thedatingmermaid.com for more details.


I hope this blog helped.

Until next time

Emma xxx

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