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The Dating Mindset Programme

I offer a two month programme that includes: one to one coaching, a dating mindset & pattern assessment, an online dating profile assessment, a Dating Toolkit, a 28 day dating challenge and "The Painful Dating Mistakes Women Make" ebook!

Dating & Breakup Products

I have created four dating products (pdf downloads);

"The Dating Toolkit",

"The Breakup Recovery Toolkit"

"The Relationship Toolkit"

Brain Pick Sessions

I have offer one hour one to one sessions, where people can pick my brains.

During  these sessions I help people to solve any dating, relationship or breakup problem. 

What People Are Saying

“Emma is a great coach. She really understands dating psychology. She identified my dating patterns and then helped me to change my dating beliefs, so that I stopped dating the wrong men and started dating better quality ones. I’m really enjoying dating now” Sarah


“Emma is a fantastic coach. She is straight talking and honest and has helped me to see where I was going wrong with men! I now feel confident when I date and know that I will find the right one for me soon” Sharon


“I was devastated after my breakup but Emma has helped me to view the break-up completely differently and I now feel far happier than I did before. I am now really looking forward to the next chapter of my life and I rarely think about my ex” Natalie

Stay at Home Mum


The Two Mistakes Women Make When A Man Doesn’t Call Them

Imagine the scene……….you go on a date with a man and really enjoy yourself. He also indicates that he’s having a good time and says that he will call you soon as he definitely wants to see you again. He’s keen, you’re keen. Match made in heaven you think………… You’ve...

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The Two Outfits Women Should Avoid Wearing On A First Date

I'm sure you've heard the phrase, first impressions last. Lets face it, this is no more apparent than when you are going on that first date, especially if this is a date from the Internet or a blind date. Rightly or wrongly people make judgements in the first couple...

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The Two Sides Of A Man’s Mind

Have you ever noticed that the same man can behave completely differently with different women? Have you noticed that this same man can treat one woman like a queen and can behave indifferently and sometimes dismissive of another?   Why does this happen? Generally...

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15 Healthy And Successful Attitudes To Dating

Some people find dating a positive experience and some people find it a negative experience. People think that their experience depends on the people that they meet but I don’t think that this is the case. What type of experience you have will depend largely on your...

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