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The Survive & Thrive Dating Programme

The dating world can be a nerve wracking and disappointing one for some people. I use dating psychology to help women to overcome their nerves, avoid (or overcome) the disappointments and help them to make the right dating choices, so that they can find love with the right man.

I offer a two month coaching programme (+ other goodies), where I am their very own dating cheerleader!

Dating & Breakup Products

I have created six dating products (pdf downloads);

"The Dating Toolkit",

"The 28 Day Dating Challenge"

"The Breakup Recovery Toolkit"

"The 28 Day Breakup Challenge"

"The Relationship Toolkit"

"The 40 Day Relationship Challenge"

Brain Pick Sessions

Some people don't want to invest in a programme but they do have a few dating, relationship or breakup recovery questions that they would like answered and that's why I decide to offer brain pick sessions!

These are one hour one to one sessions, where people can pick my psychological brains. During these sessions I help people to solve any dating, relationship or breakup problem.

What People Are Saying

“Emma is a great coach. She really understands dating psychology. She identified my dating patterns and then helped me to change my dating beliefs, so that I stopped dating the wrong men and started dating better quality ones. I’m really enjoying dating now”



“Emma is a fantastic coach. She is straight talking and honest and has helped me to see where I was going wrong with men! I now feel confident when I date and know that I will find the right one for me soon”



“I was devastated after my breakup but Emma has helped me to view the break-up completely differently and I now feel far happier than I did before. I am now really looking forward to the next chapter of my life and I rarely think about my ex”


Stay at Home Mum


The 7 Painful Mistakes People Make After A Breakup

Here's my video on the 7 painful mistakes people make after a breakup. If you feel that you need help to get over a breakup, then a brain pick session with me will help. To book a session email me at Alternatively, you can buy a copy of my...

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The Three Levels of Male Commitment When Dating

Many women find this hard to work out as some women find men’s behaviour pretty confusing. * This isn’t helped by the fact that when we like someone it is difficult to assess their behaviour objectively because our minds start to look for signs that they are...

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