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The Finding Love Coaching Programme

Finding the one involves entering the dating world. The dating world can be a nerve wracking and disappointing one for some people. During this programme, I use dating psychology & EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to support women when they are dating. I help them to overcome their nerves, avoid (or overcome) the disappointments, eliminate any limiting beliefs that hold them back and help them to make the right dating choices so that they can find real love with the man for them.

The Breakup Recovery Coaching Programme

A breakup is one of the most painful situations that a person can face in life, especially if the weren't expecting it and they were in love with their partner.

I use EFT, CBT and positive psychology to help people to overcome any breakup problem, reduce the pain of the breakup, feel good about themselves again and rebuild their lives, so that they can move onto a happier future.

Dating & Breakup Products

I have created six dating products (pdf downloads);

"The Dating Toolkit",

"The 28 Day Dating Challenge"

"The Breakup Recovery Toolkit"

"The 28 Day Breakup Challenge"

"The Relationship Toolkit"

"The 40 Day Relationship Challenge"


"The 40 Day Happiness Project"

What People Are Saying

“Emma is a great coach. She really understands dating psychology. She identified my dating patterns and then helped me to change my dating beliefs, so that I stopped dating the wrong men and started dating better quality ones. I’m really enjoying dating now”



“Emma is a fantastic coach. She is straight talking and honest and has helped me to see where I was going wrong with men! I now feel confident when I date and know that I will find the right one for me soon”



“I was devastated after my breakup but Emma has helped me to view the break-up completely differently and I now feel far happier than I did before. I am now really looking forward to the next chapter of my life and I rarely think about my ex”


Stay at Home Mum


Are You A Miss Settle & Mould Dater?

What is a Miss Settle & Moulder? This is a woman who finds a man that she quite likes but there’s something fundamental about him that doesn’t make her happy. This could be his personality, his level of interest, his level of commitment or his treatment of her....

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Sophie & Jack Part 2 – The Common Dating Mistakes Sophie Made

Just in case you missed it here is my previous blog, Sophie & Jack Part 1 - The Most Disappointing Dating Situation   What happened here and why did it happen? Let’s be clear here, Jack didn’t behave well. He enjoyed what Sophie offered him for a while, at his...

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Can A Commitment Phobe Change?

A phobia is an irrational fear and a phobe is an individual who has an irrational fear. Those who have phobias have learnt from their early experiences that there is pain associated with the object that they fear, so it is a psychological problem Let me illustrate...

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How To View A Breakup Positively

After a breakup many people torment themselves even further and delay the moving on process by focusing only on the good parts of the relationship. If you only focus on the good parts and ignore the bad, it will make the breakup even more painful because you will...

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The Secret Thoughts of A Ghoster

A Ghoster is someone who ends a relationship suddenly, without explanation, or any further communication.   Before I start, I want to state what I think ghosting is and is not.   For me……if someone is just messaging online and then stops or if two people go on a...

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