Coaching Agreement

Welcome! This page outlines the basis of the coaching agreement which is given to a client before sessions take place

Telephone Sessions: Sessions last up to 60 minutes and I phone the client, on a landline number at the designated time

Email support: This is included in the the Foundation & Classic Programmes. Clients are welcome to email me at for brief adhoc support and I will make every effort to respond to such emails within 48 hours

Confidentiality: All information provided through telephone calls, written exercises and any related material will be treated in the strictest of confidence

Payment Terms: Once a client has chosen to embark on one of the breakup recovery programmes, the breakup maintenance programme or the start-up session they will be sent an invoice. Payment of the invoice must be paid on receipt and in advance of the first session. Payment terms are 5 working days

Cancellation Policy: A minimum of 48 hours is required if a client wishes to postpone a coaching session. A £25 charge will be made for any appointment missed (through not being available when I phone them) or postponed without sufficient prior notice (though I will try to work around genuine emergencies)

Activities In Between Sessions: In between sessions the client is expected to carry out actions and exercises which they have identified and agreed to during the coaching session. This is to ensure that the coaching process is as effective as possible. The client will always choose what activities and exercises that they want to work on in between sessions. They are therefore responsible for carrying out these exercises and are responsible for the outcomes. I as a coach cannot guarantee the outcomes of the exercises and activities that a client chooses to carry out. Every client will be made aware that failure to complete the activities and actions in between session will impede their own rate of progress and the value they will gain from subsequent sessions.

Effectiveness of Sessions: Any effective coaching relationship relies on the client, having trust and confidence in me, the coach and being comfortable with the process. It is important that clients feel that they are making progress and getting value for money. If at any time a client feels that this is not the case, they should let me know immediately and I will do everything possible to rectify the situation

Money Back Guarantee:  If a client is not completely satisfied with the coaching process after the first session, they should inform me in writing (an email) within 7 days of the first session that they would like a refund. If the client does not contact me in writing within the first seven days after the first session, it will be assumed that they are happy to continue with the sessions and will not be entitled to a refund, either in part or full


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