What Can You Gain From Working With Me?

  • Discover effective ways to find your Mr Right as quickly as possible
  • Know the key red flags so that you don’t end up wasting your time with a toxic man
  • Know the best way to get relationship ready do that you can find the one for you rather than the one for now
  • Gain an understanding of how men think during the dating process so that you don’t make errors and scare him away
  • Discover the key signs that a man is interested in having a committed relationship with you
  • Identify ways to enjoy the dating process
  • Learn the key mistakes that many women make during the dating process, which results in them ending up in bad relationships, so that you can avoid them
  • Identify your past relationship mistakes so that avoid making them again
  • Build your confidence so that you will make good choices during the dating process, which will lead you straight to Mr Right rather than Mr Wrong or even worse Mr Toxic


A Brain Pick Session

These are sessions where clients can ask me for advice on any dating, relationship or breakup issue.

1 Session of 45 minutes = £45

5 Sessions of 60 minutes = £200


If you would like any information about any of my services, contact me at emma@thedatingmermaid.com or via my contacts page





by Emma Staddon on December 7, 2011 · 0 comments