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Here are a variety of printables that will help you to either:

  • Find the one
  • Get on with the one or
  • Get over the wrong one.


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Have you ever noticed that the same man can behave differently with different women? Have you noticed that this same man can treat one woman like a queen and are indifferent and sometimes dismissive of another?


Why does this happen?

Generally speaking, men have two parts to their minds when they are dating:

1) The sex part and

2) The love/like part

In a man, these two parts are completely separate. The way a man will behave will depend on which side of his mind he is operating from at that time.

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There are a number of steps that take you from singledom to a happy relationship. Here are the main steps. Have a look at each step to see if it is something that you need to work on to help you to move forward


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During the dating process, you will constantly have to make decisions. The culmination of all of your dating decisions will determine whether you end up with a good man and a happy relationship or the wrong man and an unhappy relationship.

One way of increasing your chances of making good dating decisions is to become more conscious of what decisions you are making and by reminding yourself of the importance of each one. [click to continue reading…]


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Every individual who is dating has a dating blueprint.


A dating blueprint is made up of the beliefs that we form as a result of our programming from childhood and previous experiences.


A women’s dating blueprint is made up of all of the beliefs that she has about: [click to continue reading…]


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A manipulative ex is someone who will say or do things to get you to do what they want. Their primary goal is to get you to change your behaviour or continue to behave in a way that they like.


They can be very difficult to deal with and you are likely to feel constantly uncomfortable around them. This is because they use strategies to control you and many of those strategies are designed to make you feel uncomfortable. [click to continue reading…]


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Blondish-Attractive-Mature-WomanSome people find dating a positive negative experience and some people find it a negative experience. People think that their experience depends on the people that they meet but I would argue that this isn’t the case. What type of experience you have will depend on your attitude to dating and what you tell yourself when you are dating. If you have an unhealthy and needy attitude to dating you will constantly be frustrated and disappointed and you won’t pick particularly well as a result. You’ll end up with what I call an unsuitable man or even worse a bad man.


So, it’s important to have a healthy attitude to dating so that you enjoy the experience and increase your chances of picking the right man for you. [click to continue reading…]


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My definition of a womaniser is a man Sad-Jealous-of-Couple-Womanwho manipulates and deceives many women for their own end, usually a sexual end. They are men that constantly have women around them


I think we have all witnessed a situation where a woman has been drawn in by and has become addicted to a womaniser. How many of you have thought to yourselves “how has she fallen for him when it is so obvious that he is a womaniser and he continues to hurt her by spending time/having relationships with other women?” [click to continue reading…]


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Young Married CoupleEver wondered why the same man will treat different women very differently? Ever wondered why a man wouldn’t commit to his girlfriend of years but when they split he marries another women that he’s known for a short period of time?


In relationships with women, men often simplify and compartmentalise things and one way that they do this is by categorising women, often within a few minutes of meeting her


There are four basic categories that men place women into and a mans behaviour will change dependent on the category that he has placed her into. The good news is that a woman’s behaviour will often affect which category that she is placed into, so each woman has a certain level of control over how a man will perceive her & treat her. [click to continue reading…]


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Are You Dating A Safe Frog?………And Why You Shouldn’t Be

June 21, 2017

I think we have all heard the phrase you have to kiss a lot of frogs until your find your prince.  So, when I write about men that are unsuitable for someone I refer to them as frogs. There is nothing wrong with these men, as they will be a prince for one woman but a frog to another. The most common frog that I have come across is the Safe Frog.

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What Valuable Lessons I Learned From The First Hot & Cold Man I Encountered

June 11, 2017

Many years ago I lived in a flat with 3 men. The great thing about this situation for a single girl i.e. me, was that they had loads of male friends who would come round on a regular basis. Out of all of them there was one in particular that I quite liked. We’ll refer to him as Simon, even though this is not his real name

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How To Avoid Being The Victim Of A Flirtationship (unless you want one!)

June 6, 2017

Flirtationships are relationships that are based on flirting only and never move onto actual dates. They are created by people that flirt with others either in the flesh or via technology, such as texts or emails, but have absolutely no intention of having a relationship with the other person. They just want attention, excitement and an ego boost. This is their only goal.

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Good Things About Being Single

June 6, 2017

Many people fear being single and stay in relationships that aren’t working to avoid the “loneliness and social embarrassment/pressure” of being single. This fear of being single can lead you to staying in a relationship that you don’t want or desperately trying to find someone to fill the void if you have just become single There are many people in the world who are happily single. There are many good things about being single.

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How Viewing Yourself As A Prize Will Help You Find The One

May 24, 2017

The problem in the dating world today is that men work out whether you are a permanent prize or a temporary prize (did you notice that you are always a type of prize) based on whether you view yourself as a prize or not. You want to avoid being a temporary prize as these are the women that will be used for what he can get and then discarded. When you view yourself as a prize you will act as a prize.

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12 Things You Shouldn’t Do On A First Date

May 19, 2017

Unfortunately we don’t tend to have lessons in school on how to find the one for us so we have to sort of muddle through the dating process on our own. Add to this, the differences between men and women and their perception of dates and each other and it makes it even trickier! But don’t worry, here are a few tips on what not to do on a first date so you can increase your chances of getting a second one (if thats what you want) and retain your sanity in the process!

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How Women’s Minds Play Tricks On Them Whilst Dating

May 11, 2017

Generally speaking, most women are made to bond with one man, as quickly as possible, for as long as possible. This is why many women want to get married   So how does this need to find someone actually affect a woman’s perception of a man & the dating situation?

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The Traffic Light Dating Mindset – How It Can Protect You

May 4, 2017

One of the biggest mistakes that women make when dating is rushing into relationships too quickly. They often become disappointed and hurt, when the relationship that they thought they were going to get, doesn’t materialise. To avoid this, I recommend using what I call the traffic light system. This refers to the three types of mindsets a woman can adopt when she is dating. I refer to it as the “traffic light system” as the mindsets are similar to the British traffic lights.

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Can A Commitmentphobe Change? The Answer………….

April 2, 2017

A phobia is an irrational fear and a phobe is an individual who has an irrational fear. Those who have phobias have learnt from their early experiences that there is pain associated with the object that they fear, so it is a psychological problem

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One Way To Get Over a Breakup Fast……

March 12, 2017

After a breakup many people torment themselves even further and delay the moving on process by focusing on only the good parts of the relationship. If you only focus on the good and ignore the bad it’s just your mind playing tricks on you. This makes the breakup even more painful because you believe that you have lost something and haven’t benefitted at all. Loss leads to grieving, which can be exceptionally painful.

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