My name is Emma and I am both a dating coach & a breakup recovery coach

I’ve always been interested in psychology and ha10670213_10152729048771553_3049884866029629128_nve been a psychology A- teacher for the past 15 years. In 2004 I decided to develop my psychological knowledge further by training to be a life coach with the Life Coaching Academy (Europe’s leading coaching training provider), from which I gained a distinction.

I have since moved on to run personal development courses, which have included sessions on confidence building, stress management, changing negative beliefs and understanding your relationships

For the past few years I have concentrated on helping women to let go and move on after a relationship breakup but now I have extended my coaching practice so that I can help women to find their Mr Right as soon as possible

Why a dating coach?

Many women want to find their Mr Right as soon as possible as they know that their lives can improve significantly once they find him.

The problem is that most of us have to enter into the dating world to attempt to find our Mr Right. For many people dating is viewed as fun, which is great, but for others the dating world can seem a very disappointing place as it can contain some murky characters (amongst the great catches) who end up wasting people’s time at best and having a detrimental effect of others self-esteem & sanity at worst.

These problems often come about because there are many psychological differences between men and women and these differences can often lead to issues with differences in expectations and subsequent disappointment in the dating world

but the good news is……..that there are many great men in the dating pool and there is plenty of things that women can do to grab and keep these great men……..if they just know how men think and the best techniques to get them

My aim is to share my knowledge of these techniques so that as many women as possible can find the one for them as quickly as possible so that they can have the perfect relationship for them and live the happily ever after that they’ve always wanted

by Emma Staddon on December 6, 2011 · 0 comments