What Is A Dating Blueprint?

Every individual who is dating has a dating blueprint.


A dating blueprint is made up of the beliefs that we form as a result of our programming from childhood and previous experiences.


A women’s dating blueprint is made up of all of the beliefs that she has about:

  • Herself
  • Men (if she is heterosexual)
  • Dating
  • Relationships


The Dating section is a large section and is divided further into four main categories:

  • Meeting Men
  • Attracting men
  • Dating expectations and strategies
  • Letting men go


All of these beliefs are in a dater’s subconscious, so they won’t be aware of most of them.


People run on programmes created by the beliefs that they have in their subconscious. A person’s subconscious mind therefore determines most of the choices that they make.


A dating blueprint (as with a life blueprint) consists of a variety of beliefs. There are two main types of beliefs within a person’s dating blueprint: There are positive, empowering beliefs and there are negative, limiting beliefs. Some people have mainly positive beliefs whereas others have mainly negative beliefs. The difference between someone who is successful or unsuccessful in the dating world is the types of beliefs that they hold. This is because the beliefs that we have about ourselves, people and situations DIRECTLY affect the dating decisions that we make.


Generally speaking the more positive and empowering beliefs a woman has in her dating blueprint, the better she is at making good dating decisions for herself. Women who have plenty of empowering beliefs are attracted to and date men that treat them well and make them happy. They are comfortable letting go of men who either aren’t right for them or don’t treat them well consistently. On the other hand, women who have many limiting beliefs in their dating blueprints are likely to find the wrong men or even bad men attractive and are more likely to stay with a man who doesn’t make them happy because they either tell themselves that they can’t get anyone better or they tell themselves that he will change one day.


A woman’s dating blueprint is likely to be different to her life blueprint. This is why a woman can be successful in her career but not in her relationships. This is why a woman may appear to be a certain person in everyday life but behave in unusual ways when they are dating and in relationships with people.


Beliefs within a person’s dating blueprints can bring out their inner child and make them feel vulnerable and not good enough. This is why people can be very emotional when dating and in relationships.


A woman’s dating blueprint consists of many beliefs. Here are some of the most common:


  • Her beliefs about the extent to which she believes she can control her emotions
  • Her beliefs about how valuable she is
  • Her beliefs about the type of partner she can attract
  • Her definition of a good partner
  • Her beliefs about the type of man that will make her happy
  • Her beliefs about how men generally behave
  • Her beliefs about how she should be treated by a man
  • Her beliefs about what she thinks men want
  • Her definition of a successful relationship
  • Her beliefs about what she will tolerate/accept in a relationship
  • Her beliefs about what she needs to do to get the relationship that she wants
  • Her beliefs about how likeable/loveable she thinks she is
  • Her beliefs about the likelihood of her attracting a good partner
  • Her beliefs about how important other people’s opinion’s of her are
  • Her beliefs about how long relationships will last
  • Her beliefs about the likelihood of someone wanting a relationship with her
  • Her beliefs about the likelihood of someone staying in a relationship with her


All of these beliefs will contribute to a woman’s dating choices and therefore how successful she will be.


If you want to become a more successful dater, there is only one way to do it and that is to identify which beliefs in your dating blueprint are getting in your way of finding the right man for you and changing them to beliefs that will lead you to making good dating choices for yourself.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

Until next time……..

Emma x


If you would like to know the contents of your dating blueprint and to discover how it is holding you back from finding the right man for you, contact me at emma@thedatingmermaid.com for details of how I can help you. 

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