4 Reasons Why Women Fall For Womanisers

My definition of a womaniser is a man Sad-Jealous-of-Couple-Womanwho manipulates and deceives many women for their own end, usually a sexual end. They are men that constantly have women around them


I think we have all witnessed a situation where a woman has been drawn in by and has become addicted to a womaniser. How many of you have thought to yourselves “how has she fallen for him when it is so obvious that he is a womaniser and he continues to hurt her by spending time/having relationships with other women?”


Here’s a few reasons why women fall for womanisers:


1) Womanisers are very knowledgeable about women as they have spent so much time with them. They know that women are seduced by what they hear and they know exactly what to say to a woman to make her a) feel good about herself and b) think that he wants her (btw – both of which are not true as they are both illusions that womanisers create to get what they want from a woman).


Womanisers make a significant amount of effort with a woman that he wants and many women love this. It makes them feel both special & wanted (temporarily). This is appealing to many women but in particular those women who didn’t feel wanted as a child and/or have low self esteem. There are many women in the world with low self esteem, and this is why so many of them can be drawn to a womaniser.


2) For many women, womanisers are better than non womanising men as non womanising men come across as being lazy and not interested in them. Womanisers make an effort so women don’t have to risk rejection (to begin with) as the womaniser is so active (initially) that she doesn’t have to make any effort with him and just has to passively agree to go on a date or sleep with him etc. The avoidance of initial rejection is another benefit of a womaniser


3) Many of the women who fall for womanisers are aware of the other women that are around him. Women in this situation often want to become the one to tame him/change him. They believe that if they can achieve this by making an effort with him, looking their best at all times etc, then it will make them extra special as they have been “the one” to change him. If they manage to change him (which they won’t) then their self esteem increases significantly. These women also often believe that they are special because they are the “main woman”. For some it becomes a competition between them and the other women and if they are viewed as “the favourite”, then they consider themselves to be winners. Unfortunately, they are so busy focusing on winning the competition that they fail to notice that what they are competing for is not a prize at all as he is someone who will cause them pain at some point


4) Women also like womanisers because they are viewed as exciting and masculine and many women choose partners based on sexual chemistry alone and fail to assess the character of the man and the extent to which they are compatible


So in conclusion, the feelings of feeling wanted & special, excitement, avoidance of the risk of rejection & competition are the main reasons why a woman will be drawn to and often fall for a womaniser


What do you think of this article? Do you think that there are other reasons for women falling for womanisers?

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