Facebook_MeHave you been struggling to find Mr Right and want some tips on how to find him fast?

Do you keep ending up with bad men and want to know how you can find a good one?

Have you been out of the dating game for a while and want some advice on how to “play it”?

Do you want to know how men view the dating process so that you don’t make mistakes and lose someone that you like?

Have all of your friends found the one for them and you just want to find yours?

Do you want to know the key mistakes that women make whilst dating so that you can avoid making them?

Do you feel rejected by men and want to rebuild your confidence?

Do you keep ending up being disappointed by men and just want to know how to find the one for you?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you have come to the right place and…….


Dating coaching could be for you!

Having a relationship with “the one” can be one of the best feelings in the world.

However, the problem for many women is that they want to avoid spending months or even years in the dating world as many find it to be a frustrating and disappointing place. I’m sure that most of us have been there where we found someone that we really liked only to discover that they weren’t as in to us as we were into them and ended up having our time wasted and our hearts broken.

Most women want to spend as little time dating as possible and just want to find the one for them in the shortest period of time. They also want to avoid dating men who just waste their time and break their hearts.

Can you relate to this?

But if you look around you you’ll see many women who have really happy relationships with their partners. The fact that other women have happy relationships indicates that it is definitely possible to find good men.

Do you look at these women with jealous eyes? Do you think that it will never happen to you? Do you find it hard to believe that you will ever have this as you keep meeting disappointing men who keep letting you down?

I can tell you that it can definitely happen to you………and in a relatively short period of time.

There is only one difference between a woman who has a happy relationship with a good man and a woman who doesn’t and this difference is the beliefs they hold about themselves, men and relationships.

If you aren’t dating good men or aren’t dating men at all it is because you have hidden beliefs in your unconscious that are getting in your way. Don’t worry as these beliefs can easily be identified and changed, using just a few tried and tested psychological techniques that will not only increase your chances of getting a good man but will also help you feel happier as well.


In each of my coaching sessions I help women to:

  1. Become aware of the hidden beliefs in their unconscious that are preventing them from getting what they want and
  2. Help them change these beliefs easily so that they can make different dating choices that will lead her to find her own good man to have a happy relationship with.


Each session lasts for 60 minutes & takes place using Skype or phone. During this time we can investigate and them remove any obstacles to you getting the type of relationship that you want.

Who do I help?

I help women in a variety of dating/relationship situations, such as:

  • Women who have been looking for Mr Right for a long time and just need a few tips on how to finally find him
  • Women who are with someone but aren’t sure if they are the one for them and want a second opinion
  • Women who have been married for a number of years and are now getting divorced and are new to the dating scene and want to know “how to play it”
  • Women who have been “seeing” someone for a while but haven’t got the commitment that they want, so want to know if this man is worth investing their time in
  • Women who have had their hearts broken and want to avoid getting hurt again

How could you benefit from the dating coaching?

During the programme you will be introduced to effective psychological techniques that will allow you to:

  • Discover effective ways to find your Mr Right as quickly as possible
  • Know the key red flags so that you don’t end up wasting your time with a toxic man
  • Know the best way to get relationship ready do that you can find the one for you rather than the one for now
  • Gain an understanding of how men think during the dating process so that you don’t make basic errors and end up losing someone that you really like
  • Discover the key signs that a man is interested in having a committed relationship with you
  • Identify ways to enjoy the dating process
  • Learn the key mistakes that many women make and why they make them, during the dating process, so that you can avoid them
  • Really get to know who you are with precision, so that you can find exactly the right man for you
  • Learn lessons from your past relationships so that you can feel confident that you won’t make the same mistakes again
  • Build your confidence, so that you feel attractive and worthwhile,  which will mean you make good choices during the dating process, which will lead you straight to Mr Right rather than Mr Wrong or even worse Mr Toxic
  • Get closure on a previous relationship so that you are fully ready to meet someone new


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